Expomaritt Exposhipping İstanbul | 18-21 February 2025

Venue | Istanbul Expo Center 

Visiting Hours | 10.00 - 18.00 (Tuesday-Friday)


Expomaritt Exposhipping 2023 | İstanbul


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Expomaritt Exposhipping İstanbul Conference

Expomaritt Exposhipping Conference will focus on 4 key themes that have an international and regional influence on the maritime industry. On this platform; global trends, the maritime industry in Türkiye,new markets, sustainability and the future of digitalization inthe maritime industry will be discussed within these themes.

Exhibitor Seminars

Exhibitor Seminars, organized under the roof of Exposhipping Istanbul, offers an interactive platform to enable companies share the state-of-the-art products and advancements. These seminars, which will allow national and international exhibitors to promote their own brands and services and will be readily announced to all stakeholders, spark great interest already now.

Expomaritt Career Hub

Expomaritt Career Hub will offer companies and students a unique platformfor job search, improving their career and further training. The event will givecompanies access to potential employees and also will provide a chance toapplicants who are evaluating their career to source various careeropportunities who are looking for qualified specialists and youngprofessionals, will be displayed in exhibitor directory and the visitor guide.