Dear Esteemed Members of Maritime Industry,

We, as Informa Markets, will be organizing Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul, 16th International Maritime Exhibition & Conference at VIAPORT Marina Tuzla between October 12 and 15, 2021. While we work towards EXPOSHIPPING EXPOMARITT ISTANBUL 2021, reuniting the Turkish Shipbuilding and Subindustry with mariners across the world on an international arena, I would like to share specific information about our fight against global crisis Covid-19 pandemic, and our preparedness for the year of 2021.

Exposhipping Istanbul Exhibition to be organized on behalf of Turkish Chamber of Shipping is potently supported by all foundations, unions, education and press associations mainly including Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR), Turkish Ship, Yacht & Marine Services Exporters Association and Yalova Altınova Shipyard Entreprenuars Industry and Trade Inc. Co., like previous years.

"International Maritime Exhibitions are already marked on calendar as of September 2021"

I would like to share with you, the esteemed industrial experts, that while the adverse effects of the pandemic process that takes a hold of the entire world are brought under control with prevalent vaccination, international exhibitions will again be organized on a busy schedule by autumn 2021.

Please click here to access the calendar of international maritime exhibitions scheduled from September 2021 to the end of 2022.

I believe that international exhibitors and visitors will have increased travel confidence with the busy exhibition schedule in September 2021 and will feel safer to visit Exposhipping Istanbul between October 12 and 15, 2021. We are already getting prepared for multiple exclusive events to welcome our guests outdoors with the advantage of favorable weather and the beauty of Istanbul in autumn.

"Turkish Shipbuilders and Sub-Industry to Meet with Global Players of the Industry at Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul"

The priority target is to make sure that maritime industry, one of the centerpieces of global trade, is continuing to operate. Shipyards and sub-industrial manufacturing facilities in our country not only have continued their operations during the pandemic with measures taken but also delivered an outstanding performance, breaking exports records during that period. While existing repair and maintenance activities increasingly continued, we take pride in our niche product range in new shipbuilding field, the FIRSTS realized in different types of ships with innovative solutions and exporting such products to more than 130 countries, mainly including Europe. Our country is now capable of building and exporting its very own military ship with state-of-the-art technology. Also, we have been keeping our third place in mega yacht export for many years.

All industrial companies, leaders, and colleagues in the background of this successful picture will be convening under the brand of Exposhipping Istanbul, in the leadership of Turkish Chamber of Shipping. We will not only hosting for the trade show, but we will be hosting sessions and meetings that add value to the sector with the conference program, where the presentations of the guests who are experts in their fields and the current issues are discussed.

"Top Level Hygiene and Security will be Provided with AllSecure Standards at Exposhipping Istanbul”

Furthermore, we will be organizing Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul in accordance with AllSecure Standards developed by our company Informa, the world’s largest event rganizer, for the health and safety of our exhibitors and visitors. 

Please feel free to contact me and the organization team anytime to discuss details and any of your questions about taking your place in our exhibition, where we will bring all the stakeholders of shipbuilding and sub-industry under the same roof at Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul.

We will be more than pleased to welcoming you at Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul in Viaport Marina Tuzla between October 12 and 15, 2021.

I wish you and all your loved ones healthy days.


Esin Aslıhan Göksel

Exhibition Director