Why Exhibit?

What happens at the exhibition?

  • Opportunity to maintain existing and potential relations
  • Opportunity to develop your brand recognition and corporate image with this prestigious exhibition
  • Opportunity to contact with many global brands from various regions of Turkey
  • Observing general outlook of market developments
  • Networking with new suppliers
  • Getting information on products and services
  • To be able to attend the conference program
  • To make competitor and market analysis


Tuzla/Pendik: A strategic Location

Tuzla/Pendik is the number 1 shipbuilding region in Turkey representing the largest production capacity, along with sub-industries, suppliers and contractors. It is located in the south side of Istanbul right on the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Nowadays Turkey counts 93 active shipyards as of 2016, 40 of which are based in Tuzla and another 25 yards in nearby regions of Izmit and Yalova. These yards tend to be multi purpose, often offering conversion, repair and maintenance as well as new building works.

Viaport Marina is located on the Asian Side, in Tuzla, which is the heart of the maritime industry, 4 minutes to the shipyards area.

Exhibition Area

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