Exhibitors Seminar

2017 Exhibitor Seminars

The exhibiting firms will have the chance to promote their brands and introduce new techonologies to their possible customers at the seminar areas located inside the Exhibition area. Exhibitor seminars allows exhibitor companies to reach 10.000+ maritime professionals.

21 March 2017

Jotun Conference


ISO 19030 has been more than three years in the making. It’s seen a collaboration of 53 expert stakeholders from throughout the industry working together to develop a uniform framework for measuring the efficacy of solutions improving hull and propeller performance. Jotun, a global leader in marine antifouling coatings, has been central to the process, with Geir Axel Oftedahl, Jotun Business Development Director, Hull Performance Solutions, managing the project for its entire duration on behalf of ISO. According to Jotun, which has led the industry in the standard’s development, the move has the potential to reduce the industry’s green house gas emissions by 10 %, while saving operators up to USD 30 billion in annual energy costs.

Time: 14:00 - 15:30.

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  1. VISWA LAB.  &  VEEMS Marine Automation Systems
  2. UNI Software
  3. UNIKAL Consultancy Services

Speaker: A. İlker Meşe


Time: 16:00 – 17:30

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