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Åsværfjord is the second ship that Cemre Shipyard launches
in 24 hours

October 2021

Cemre Shipyard brought the Åsværfjord together with water less than 24 hours after launching the fishing vessel LEILA, which it had built for the Irish-based Atlantic Dawn. Cemre Shipyard, built on an area of ​​160,000 square meters in Altınova, Yalova, launched the live fish transport vessel Åsværfjord, built for Norwegian Havyard Group Asa. The 84.80 m long live fish transport ship Åsværfjord, designed by Havyard Ship Design, was recorded as the second ship to be unloaded at Cemre Shipyard in the last 24 hours. In addition, the ship is the 57th ship to be delivered to the Norwegian Havyard company by Cemre Shipyard.

Cemre Shipyard Launches Veronica Ship

September 2021

Cemre Shipyard launched the Veronica fishing vessel, built for the Irish Atlantic Dawn, with a ceremony. Veronica, a medium depth trawler, built by the Irish Atlantic Dawn at Cemre Shipyard, met with water. The ship, designed by Salt Ship Design, is 64.65 meters long and 14 meters wide. Classification studies of the fishing vessel Veronica, which has a 1552 m³ tank capacity, were carried out by BV.

Cemre delivered Groenewind, the world's first double-hulled  SOV

June 2021

Cemre Shipyard delivered Groenewind, the world's first double hull SOV, built for Belgian Rentel and Mermaid Seastar.

NB151 Åsværfjord launced at Cemre Shipyard

Åsværfjord, a live fish transport ship with a length of 84.80 meters, designed by Havyard Ship Design, landed on water . The ship was the second ship to be landed at Cemre Shipyard within 24 hours.

The ship Cemre built for Atlantic Dawn was launched

NB70 LEILA, the first of the triple fishing vessel series built by Cemre Shipyard for Atlantic Dawn, was launched.

Cemre launched the third ship to go to Denmark

The third SOV ship built by Cemre Shipyard for Danish Esvagt was launched.

DEME's first support vessel is from Cemre Shipyard

The first service and operation vessel of the Belgian company DEME, to support wind turbines installed on the open seas will be built in Cemre Shipyard.

Cemre Shipyard launched Olympic Prawn

Cemre Shipyard launched the fishing vessel Olympic Prawn, which it built for the Norwegian firm Olympic Seafood.

Environment friendly ship from Cemre

The 74.5 meter long ship Hardhause, launched by Cemre Shipyard in July, draws attention with its environmentally friendly features.

Kristiansund lauched to sea

Cemre Shipyard launched the live fish carrier named Kristiansund, which it built for the Norwegian Havyard Group.

Towards the end in Wind of Hope

Cemre Shipyard launched the second wind turbine support vessel it built for the French Louis Dreyfus Armateurs.

World's first twin-hulled SOV from Cemre

Cemre Shipyard built the SOV ship called Groene Wind, which will be used for maintenance in wind farms, as twin-hulled. The ship was recorded as the first twin-hulled SOV ship produced in the world.

Cemre Shipyard launched the second Esvagt

Cemre Shipyard launched the second of the service operation ships (SOV) built for the Norwegian Havyard Group.

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