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Another Tugboat from Med Marine to SAAM Towage Fleet

October 2021

Chile-based SAAM Towage has purchased another tugboat from Med Marine. The MED-A2575 class tug is the 6th Med Marine tug to join the SAAM Towage fleet.

New Tugboat from Med Marine to Somat Fleet

October 2021

The MED-A2575 of Robert Allan's RAmparts 2500W design series stands out as a versatile ASD tug designed for general purpose escort and towing duties. Equipped with twin CAT 3516C 2100 kW engines and with a towing power of 70 tons, the tugboat will join Somat in the coming days and start operating in Sicily ports under the name Gordo.

Med Marine Launches ER94 Tugboat

August 2021

The ER94 tugboat, built by Med Marine for the Kenya Port Authority, has been successfully launched. It has been announced that the tugboat will take part in the operations of the Port of Mombasa, the largest port in East Africa.

Another Tugboat from Med Marine to Abu Dhabi Ports

July 2021

Safeen Group, which provides tugboat services at Abu Dhabi Port, signed a contract to purchase MED-A2360 series tugboats from Med Marine to meet the increasing service needs of the port. The MED-A2360 series specially designed for Med Marine by the famous naval architect Robert Allan Ltd are capable of performing efficient maneuvers and general-purpose towing. The tugboat, preferred by Safeen due to its versatile and compact ASD design, is scheduled to be delivered in July.

Med Marine delivered Covurlui to AFDJ

June 2021

Turkey's leading shipbuilder and operator Med Marine has delivered the 30m and 55 TBP MED-A3055-ICE-SUPER class ASD tugboat Covurlui to  AdministratiaFluviala a Dunarii de Jos RA Galati (AFDJ), an affiliate of the Romanian Ministry of Transport.

Med Marine delivered 'Svitzer Edda'

May 2021

Med Marine delivered the Svitzer Edda, the second of two specially designed icebreaker tugboats it built for Svitzer. The tug will mainly serve ports in Denmark and Sweden.

Med Marine delivered Sulina 2 to Romania

May 2021

Med Marine, Med Marine, one of the most experienced companies in the field of Pilotage and Tugboat Services; 30m and 55 TBP MED-A3055-ICE-SUPER class ASD tugboat Sulina 2 delivered to AFDJ, Romania.

Med Marine delivered two pilot boats to Nigeria

April 2021

In accordance with the sales contract signed with the Nigeria Port Authority last November, Med Marine and MED-P16 series 2 pilot boats were delivered to be used in the operations in Lagos.

Med Marine delivered Svitzer Embla

One of Turkey's leading tugboat operator and manufacturer Med Marine, has successfully delivered the first of two new ice breaker tugboats Svitzer Embla which was produced for Svitzer Europa.

Med Marine launched the second tugboat built for Svitzer into water

Med Marine launched the 30-meter-long second ice class tug it built for the Danish Svitzer.

Med Marine signed tugboat contract with Somat

Med Marine and Italian Somat signed an agreement for the sale of MED-A2575 model tugboat.

Med Marine delivered Asyaport Değirmenaltı

Med Marine, 31 Aralık 2019’da imzalanan sözleşme gereği Asya Limanı için inşa ettiği Asyaport Değirmenaltı adlı römorkörü Tekirdağ’daki operasyon merkezine teslim etti.

Med Marine delivered the tugboat named Asyaport Değirmenaltı, which was built for the Asian Port in accordance with the contract signed on December 31, 2019, to the operation center in Tekirdağ.

Agreement from Marineline and Med Marine

Marineline and Med Marine, signed an agreement for cargo tank linings of two new tankers under construction.

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