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Sefine Shipyard delivered the live fish ship Aqua Skye to Norway

October 2021

The live fish ship Aqua Skye, produced by Sefine Shipyard for DESS Aquaculture Shipping company, set out for Norway on Thursday, January 7 from Sefine Shipyard's facilities in Yalova Altınova. The 84.4-meter-long and 16-meter-wide ship produced for DESS Aquaculture Shipping has the capacity to carry 3,900 cubic meters of live fish.

Passenger ferry built by Sefine launched on water

Sefine Shipyard launched the passenger ferry called Svelvik, which was built for Basto Fosen of Norway, on water.

Sefine Shipyard launched the Gasø Høvding

The live fish carrier named Gasø Høvding, built by Sefine Shipyard for the Norwegian firm Frøy, was launched.

Heilhorn had been delivered

Sefine Shipyard delivered the passenger ferry Heilhorn, which it built for Torghatten Trafikkselskap AS.

Sheet metal cutting ceremony at Sefine Shipyard

A sheet metal cutting ceremony was held for the passenger ferry with construction number NB-44, which will be built by Sefine Shipyard for Basto Fosen. The ferry is expected to be delivered within the next year.

Sefine Shipyard does not slow down

Sefine Shipyard delivered Aqua Spa, the first of the two live fish transport vessels named Aqua Spa and Aqua Maløy, which it launched simultaneously, in September. The shipyard had delivered the second ship, the Aqua Maløy, to its Norwegian customers last December.

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