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Tersan successfully delivered Argos Helena

September 2021

Tersan Shipyard has successfully delivered its 100th new construction project, Argos Helena. Tersan Shipyard delivered the NB1100 to its long-term business partner Ervik Havfiske. The ship was named Argos Helena with the naming ceremony held at Tersan Shipyard. With a total length of 60.5 meters and a width of 13.0 meters, the ship is equipped with a Yanmar main engine and offers comfortable accommodation for up to 30 people. Apart from Argos Helena, the 6th ship built for Ervik Havfiske, the first 5 ships, including Froyanes Junior and Vestkapp, which were delivered last year, continue their successful fishing operations for Ervik Havfiske.

Tersan Shipyard delivers Rødvenfjord to Fjord1 ASA

September 2021

Tersan Shipyard successfully delivered the 7th Bidirectional Electric Passenger and Vehicle Ferry Rødvenfjord to Fjord1 ASA. The ferry named Rødvenfjord, designed by Multi Maritime, stands out as the third in the series, the first of which was delivered in August 2019, and the 7th ferry delivered to Fjord1 ASA by Tersan Shipyard. The 107.47 meters long and 17.7 meters wide ferry has the capacity to carry 299 passengers including the crew, 120 vehicles and 12 trailers.

Tersan Shipyard launched Vladimir Biryukov fishing vessel

June 2021

Tersan Shipyard, which continues its activities in the Altınova district of Yalova, launched the fishing vessel Vladimir Biryukov, which it built for the Russian company OKEANRYBFLOT, with a ceremony. The ship will do the fishing in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

Tersan launched its 100th project

Tersan Shipyard launched the Longliner Type Factory fishing vessel Argos Helena with construction number NB1100, built for the Norwegian Ervik Havfiske. The ship is also known as Tersan's 100th project.

The ferry built by Tersan was launched

The hybrid two-way ferry, built by Tersan Shipyard for the Norwegian Fjord1 ASA, was launched.

Tersan Shipyard starts its 99th project

The ninety-ninth project of Tersan Shipyard will be the krill fishing ship. The shipyard has signed a contract for the ship, which is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

Second ship from Tersan to Okeanrybflot

Tersan Tersanecilik announced that it signed a contract with the Russian company Okeanrybflot for the second factory fishing vessel.

Tersan, handed over Calvert to Canada

Tersan Shipyard successfully delivered the factory fishing vessel called Calvert, built for Canada-based company Ocean Choice International with construction number NB 1091.

Tersan begins arctic fishing vessel construction

Tersan Shipyard signed an arctic factory fishing vessel contract with P / F Havborg from Faroe Islands.

Tersan launched Georgiy Meshcheryakov

The factory trawl fishing vessel Georgiy Meshcheryakov, built by Tersan Shipyard for the Russian company Okeanrybfyot, was launched with a ceremony attended by Turkish Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu.

First Tersan ship in Denmark

Tersan Shipyard will build an arctic factory fishing vessel for Ocean Prawns A/S.

Tersan launched the general cargo ship

Tersan Shipyard launched the general cargo ship built for Egil Ulvan Rederi with a ceremony.

LNG hybrid propulsion ship landed on water

Tersan Shipyard launched the live fish vessel named Harald Martin, which it built for Norwegian Nordlaks, with a ceremony

Tersan launched 2 cruise ships at the same time

Havila Castor and Havila Capella, the cruise ships built by Tersan Shipyard for the Norwegian company Havila Kystruten, had been launched.

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